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Tamara and Sophia

Tamara grew up in Delta, BC where she currently lives with her daughters, husband and two step-sons. Sophia introduced Tamara to the world of Down syndrome nine years ago and it's been a wild, life-altering roller-coaster full of ups and downs ever since.

When Sophia was only 18 months old, Tamara decided to change careers and went back to school to get her diploma in Classroom and Community Support. She now works as a Special Education Assistant, helping children of all abilities access inclusive education.

Tamara has always found that following the journeys of other families in our Lucky Few community has given her the strength and support she needs to be the best advocate she can be for Sophia. She wanted to help other moms connect and share their experiences with one another by hosting a tea, so she enlisted the help of Danielle and Tea21Moms came to fruition.  

Tamara and Sophia

Danielle and Conor

Danielle is mom to two boys and lives in Burnaby, BC. Her son Conor is almost eleven years old with lots of teenage sass already.

Conor inspired Danielle to start the Baskets of Love Down Syndrome Support Society in 2014 and has since helped welcomed over 200 new babies to the Down syndrome community. What started as a little side project has grown to a registered non-profit organization with many lasting friendships made.

Danielle is a big believer in community support to help navigate the Down syndrome journey and the experiences that come with it. When Tamara asked Danielle to help organize a tea for moms of children with Down syndrome she jumped at the opportunity because this provided a local event for moms in the community to feel the support and make friendships we sometimes need. 

Danielle an Conor
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